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~long dresses and bright colours, movie t-shirts and leggings. buddy holly glasses. chubby, queer, pseudo-hipster nonsense and comic book nerdery.

wow this is pretentious um


lots of boobies.


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back to school selfie!



who wants to play cah or something i’m bored let’s hang out

ok i’m makin a room hmu if you want the link

dammit i wish i didn’t have to go to bed early because of school tomorrow :’|

juliet is such a friggin weirdo

ever since she was wee, it really upsets her whenever i lay motionless on the floor (like i did just now to stretch out my back)

she’ll start wandering around me in circles and then will spend a lot of time sniffing my skin. she then starts doing this pained sort of yowl.

then she bites me. like not in her usual nippy sort of way, more like she clamps down and gnaws carefully so she doesn’t break the skin. and it’s always either on my wrists or my achilles heels

like idk whether to think she’s upset that i might be hurt or incapacitated in some way and is trying to wake me up

or whether she figures i’m dying and may as well get a head start on eating me


sneaking into the kitchen at 3am like


i hope we have some got damn juicy juice boy shit i am thirsty as a mother fucker



Oh my god.

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It’s finally September!

maybejustified Asked:
hello, just wanted to say that i really enjoy your blog. you make my dash a better place!

My answer:

awww thank you! :) <3

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Mother Nature LAUGHS at your labour day plans

my parents came to visit me today - with a pumpkin spice latte in tow

bless :’)